Trial management and medication


Supporting pharmaceutical trials and close collaboration with clinical monitors are everyday processes for IHRE APOTHEKER. Both the production of placebos and verums in various forms of medication as well as administration to patients enable research companies to conduct randomised and blind trials applying easy-to-realise logistics.

What we offer

  • Preparation of trial medication ready for application in accordance with GMP criteria

  • Procurement and storage at up to -80 °C of base materials, packaging and auxiliary materials for production

  • Blinding clinical tests and comparator products

  • Randomising as required

  • Documentation of all relevant trial processes in accordance with GCP (in several languages where required)

  • Logistical support incl. national and international shipping of trial goods and auxiliary materials

  • Storage, return and disposal of unused clinical test products

Our commitment

In clinical trials, we monitor the shipping and storage conditions as well as production, documentation and distribution of trial goods. Both our manufacturing practices under aseptic conditions and the possibility to store goods at conditions of up to -80 °C enable us to implement all of the special tasks associated with trial management – perfectly and easily.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we avail ourselves of special authorisation and extensive experience in the production of clinical test products for individual patients under clean room conditions. We manufacture various forms of administration for you. We fill this medication for you as well as packaging, blinding and randomising it. Clinical trial sample markings refer to inhalation preparations, sterile pharmaceutical solutions (e.g. parenterals) and ophthalmic preparations.

Your advantage

We can also provide you with support for small individual solutions in the form of pharmaceutical advice, production, management, quality assurance, storage and logistics. Our trial team provides entirely non-binding information on how to offer you a solution which gives you most satisfaction. In the case of oncology trials in particular, established logistics within the Rhine-Main region enable us to draw up very attractive offers for trial centres.