Hospital care


Pharmaceutical costs will remain the focus of political and social interest in the years to come. All the more important therefore – and especially for hospitals exposed to increasing competition – to have a pharmaco-economical partner to hand providing you with efficient economical support, offering solutions and revealing potentials for savings.

What we offer

  • Reasonable purchasing conditions

  • Economical consultation and optimisation of ordering and delivery logistics

  • Collaboration on the Pharmaceuticals Commission and analysis of current consumer figures

  • Negotiations concerning generically available substances and unbureaucratic exchanges

  • Online shop with a list of pharmaceuticals, ABDA data base and costs of special requirements

  • Own manufacturing licence in accordance with § 13 AMG (German Medicines Act)

  • Stock controls which reduce own storage space

  • Evaluations of antibiotics consumption by the RKI required by law in accordance with the German Infection Protection Act

Our commitment

IHRE APOTHEKER analyse and evaluate pharmaceutical therapies for you from an economical perspective. We compare the costs of various pharmaceutical therapies and take consideration of inexpensive alternatives – without any compromises regarding quality.

We efficiently support pharmaceutical controlling of your hospital in the form of regular inspections of your pharmaceuticals consumption and the associated costs.

We assume responsibility for comprehensive documentation of your additional charges for medication, thereby revealing your economical resources.

We regularly examine and revise therapy standards for you. To this aim, we research the latest study results and expert opinions.

Your advantage

We offer you professional quality advice and support in all pharmaceutical issues. Optimised feasibility in pharmaceutical therapy accompanied by maximum quality and guaranteed safety. We co-ordinate our pharmaceutical consultation to the individual requirements of doctors, nursing and hospital management. The direct exchange of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge supports you in securing your chosen pharmaceutical therapy and offers your patients the very best care in terms of quality and feasibility.