Aseptic preparations


IHRE APOTHEKER support oncology and chronic pain patients – subcutaneously or intravenously – with the aid of patient-controlled analgesics (PCA) in the out-patient sector. We provide advice and answers to questions relating to a suitable PCA pump, the requisite accessories and not least co-ordinated out-patient pain therapy and individual medication.


  • Case management for hospitalised patients suffering from pain to out-patient areas
  • Calculation of reservoir filling and procurement of all requisite accessories and medication
  • Production of pump-controlled pain therapies in A/B clean rooms
  • Large stocks of pumps and systems permitting same-day order and application
  • Professional instructions for patients, relatives and out-patient nursing service
  • Advice, documentation, control of symptoms and therapy monitoring
  • Training in the area of PCA pain therapy, e.g. professional access care
  • Flexible delivery independent of manufacturers and at short notice thanks to our logistics


We supply patients with PCA analgesic pumps for out-patient pain therapy. We examine their mixture of substances and dosage for chemical and physical stability, advise the attending physician and adapt the respective situation for each individual patient. If necessary, pain therapy using the PCA pump enables the patient to administer continuous analgesics by adding extra boluses. Application is preferably intravenous, if possible via a venous port catheter.

Transferring patients suffering from pain from the hospital to out-patient care is often associated with issues concerning stability. After all, hospitalisation often involves the administration of several drugs via a single analgesics pump.

This necessitates examining the chemical and physical drug combinations prior to follow-up out-patient therapy. In this area, our experience and scientific data bases enable us to evaluate your medication combinations.


Many patients are dependent on parenteral pain therapy. A PCA pump enables them to be treated safely – even at home. With us, patients suffering from pain are only cared for by well-trained nurses and medics. The doctor or palliative team receives feedback on the course of therapy and any ongoing therapeutic adjustments using pain measurement and history logs. We respond fast and supply the appropriate application technology along with the medication prescribed by the doctor. Our 24-hour service also means that we are always available for patients in emergencies.