Ophthalmology medication


IHRE APOTHEKER are experienced and reliable partners when it comes to the manufacture of eye drops in accordance with stringent GMP guidelines. Our A/B class clean rooms enable us to manufacture eye drops of maximum quality and under aseptic conditions.

What we offer

  • Manufacturing licence in accordance with § 13 AMG (German Medicines Act) and production in line with European GMP guidelines
  • Manufacture of eye drops prepared on prescription in line with new prescription formulae
  • Manufacture of eye drops prepared on prescription in line with international pharmaceutical formulae
  • Manufacture of liposomal eye drops prepared on prescription
  • Manufacture of aqueous eye drops prepared on prescription
  • Manufacture of oil-based eye drops prepared on prescription
  • Reliable delivery throughout Germany within 24 to 48 hours

Our commitment

IHRE APOTHEKER manufacture eye drop solutions under aseptic conditions in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia. The particular manufacturing properties arise from the requisite calculations for supplementary additives and microbial filtration of eye drop solutions under laminar air flow conditions (clean room workplace) and other hygienic measures.

Your advantage

We provide real service over and beyond filling prescriptions: there is always a solution – which we not only define for you, we also produce it! GMP-conformant production and continuous safety controls are things we take for granted. Regular seminars and training courses for pharmacists working in sterile environments guarantee additional maximum quality standards – and not only for our eye drops. As comprehensive patient care with individual ophthalmic formulae often involves long distances, we delivery our ophthalmic medication free of charge to patients' homes.