Customer card


Optimum safety and compatibility of your medication

All new medication supplied by us is automatically tested for compatibility with other pharmaceuticals already bought or prescribed.

Notification exemption

We always know whether you are exempt from additional charges or not so you do not need to present your notification exemption every time.

List of your additional charges

We record all additional prescription charges and draw up a list for you at the end of the year for submission to your health insurance company. Depending on your income, this can lead to reimbursement and future exemption from additional charges.

Save time with us!

We record your entire purchases and draw up a list at the end of the year as evidence of extraordinary expenses for submission to the tax authorities. This means you no longer have to collect and file individual receipts.

Save money with us!

Your customer card entitles you to a 3% discount on all items in the self-service area as well as on our services. And it goes without saying that you can also pay using your EC debit or credit card.

Enjoy individual consultations!

We know what medication you require on a regular basis with the result that we always have such long-term medication in stock for you. We also save the names of all products and preparations you have received from us. Enabling us to let you know what flu medicine helped you last year, for example.

Your duo-card!

Our customer card is supplied as a standard plastic card in credit card format and as a mini key-ring. Both contain your personal customer number and either of them can be used as your customer card. Additional advantage of the key-ring: apart from your customer number, it also includes the pharmacy address. So if you ever lose your key, anyone who finds it can hand it in to our pharmacy. Then we can use your customer number to find your name and let you know without delay.