Hospital care


The transition from hospitalisation to out-patient care represents a particularly critical phase of the treatment and care chain for the respective patient. In order to ensure a seamless transition to out-patient care, IHRE APOTHEKER maintain comprehensive case management which is applied at an early stage and extends beyond individual sectors.


  • Pharmaceutical case management with specialist nursing staff
  • Patient collection and pharmaceutical care within 24 hours
  • Economical provision of pharmaceuticals and free delivery
  • Close co-operation with the prescribing and attending physicians
  • Support in co-ordination with the service-provider
  • Comprehensive documentation and regular nursing rounds by specialist nursing staff
  • Training offers for patients, relatives and nursing services


IHRE APOTHEKER offer you case management with interdisciplinary pharmaceutical support. Even before a patient's hospital treatment is concluded, the subsequent out-patient therapy process is discussed. After analysis of the patient's file, we conduct final meetings with the patient and his/her relatives. We clarify the medication and type of administration at home as well as the possible side effects and interactions.

If the patient so desires, we establish contact with his/her GP and attendant nursing staff at an early stage. Then we organise preparation of the prescriptions and out-patient provision of medication. We also clarify issues concerning the assumption of costs with the service-providers in advance.

We work independent of individual manufacturers to the benefit of both prescribers and supply partners. Our pharmaceuticals production in accordance with § 13 AMG (German Medicines Act) enables us to provide individually prepared medication ready for application at short notice – apart from high-quality finished products – at all times and on request. We offer a 24-hour emergency service.


Thanks to professional case management, IHRE APOTHEKER promote communication between the hospital, local doctor and everyone involved in out-patient care. We improve the quality and feasibility of out-patient pharmaceutical therapy, we avoid readmission and help to close any acute gaps in care. We provide patients and relatives with peace of mind in terms of pharmaceuticals: they do not need to worry about anything and compliance is promoted.



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